Paulitics Podcast

Paulitics Podcast

Paulitics is a Pop Culture Podcast feauturing Celebrity Guests and a lot of laughs hosted by Emmy Nominated Lifestyle Personality Paul Wharton and his co-host Stacey Rusch.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    The Paulitics of Pursuing Your Passion

    On episode 24 of Paulitics, Paul’s gets candid with our listeners and shares tips that can help you live a more joyful, productive and passionate life. He covers advice on areas that he gets asked about all the time and also things that have helped him get my groove back. We’re going to cover the healing power of humor and learning to laugh more with Comedienne Karen Williams and how to pursue a passion project successfully with Alchemist and Life Coach Jemaja Selas. Paul talks about how to redesign your office or workspace to make it productive, beautiful and inspiring! All of that and more on this episode of Paulitics!

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    The Paulitics of Keeping Your Circle Tight

    On episode 23 of Paulitics, Paul is joined again by his friend Darnell Perkins! They dive into what they’ve learned about friendships, who you should have in your home and what to do when someone that claims to be your friend, tell you people don’t like you! President Trump and Jussie Smollett got off this week so why is Trump mad and wanting The Feds to investigate Jussie’s case? Darnell, Paul and Jack talk about if the brothers are due to catch a break! Plus, should Cardi B be held to the same standards as Bill Cosby? Everyone has an opinion! All of that and real “Boy Talk” that you don’t want to miss! Pull up to the bumper baby, it’s time for Paulitics!

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    The Paulitics of Stretching Your Limits

    On episode 22 “The Paulitics of Stretching Your Limits” Paul is joined by Yoga and Fitness guru Pari Bradlee to talk about Paul’s current fitness journey and the first steps anyone can take to get on the road to being their most fabulous selves on the inside and out. Pari shares the absolute best nutrition, exercise and mindful living tips that you’re not going to want to miss. Paul’s production partner Mikail calls in from London to chat about the new reality TV project that he and Paul are working on in DC. Can it break the DC reality TV show curse or will it go the way of the ill fated Real Housewives of DC? This episode is all about how to break through your mental and physical barriers and stretch your limits when you aren’t sure if you have what it takes to go all the way. Grab a spot of tea (in our best UK accent) or a cold pressed juice and let’s talk about it on Paulitics!

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    The Paulitics of Being Bad

    On episode 21 of Paulitics, Paul is joined by Raymone Bain, Michael Jackson’s longtime publicist and the Former President and COO of The Michael Jackson company for a candid talk about HBO’s Leaving Neverland documentary. Raymone shares her personal insight based on being by Michael’s side for many years. She feels very strongly about the claims being waged against Jackson and she holds nothing back. Darnell Perkins AKA “The party host with the most” is back in the studio with Paul to tackle Michael, this week’s R. Kelly interview with Gayle King and so much more. Pour your wine Blanche, it’s time for Paulitics!

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    The Paulitics of Being A Fixer

    On episode 20 of Paulitics, we break down Michael Cohen's brutal testimony to Congress with writer and producer, Mikail. We are joined by superstar classical singer, Anthony Kearns, who talks about his incredible journey to stardom. In-studio are Paul's friend, Chanda Wallace, and hair and make-up expert Janelle Gladden, who tackle diversity at the Oscars and the controversial big winner of the night. Plus, with the upcoming release of Captain Marvel we unleash our inner nerd and discuss why online trolls have such a problem with entertainment starring diverse leads. It's exciting, informed and funny at the same time!

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    The Paulitics of A Fallen Empire

    On today’s episode we’re breaking down Jussie Smollett’s arrest, the facts of the case and social ramifications with Legal Anaylst Monique Pressley and Social Activist Marcia Dyson. Paul is joined in studio by his Managing Director at Paul Wharton Style, Aidah Fontenot, a woman who shares her take on all the hot topics drama and also how she helps Paul run his brand. Paul shares some very personal childhood stories about his Aunt Vera, the inspiration behind his new line of luxury candles. It’s an emotional rollercoaster with the most brilliant legal minds in the country, all on today’s show!

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    The Paulitics of Palentine's Day

    On episode 18 of Paulitics, Paul is joined by his good friend Darnell Perkins and show producer Jack Inslee. The trio calls Paul’s Tenderone Drew, a guy that Paul met on Tinder 2 months ago to grill him on his intentions with Paul. U Gent does a special segment with tips for guys on how they can set a romantic scene for Valentine’s Day at home. Paul shares his experiences in NY on Bevy Smith’s show and what he learned from Sex with Emily host!

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    The Paulitics of Starting Season 2

    We're kicking off season 2 with the legendary CeCe Peniston, renowned pop artist and one of Paul's besties Maggie O’Neil, and one of the first beautiful souls he met when he moved to New York City when he was 19 years old, Paul's best friend, brother, fashion writer and world traveler Timothais Duran Thompson!

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    The Paulitics of Finishing What You Started

    This has been an incredible ride and so much amazing stuff happened on the Paulitics show we decided to do a retrospective, a Best of episode, because we just had too many incredible guests and too many great moments between me and my wonderful co-host, Stacey Rusch. Stacey is in Germany for the holiday with her family. I’m joined by Jack Inslee from Full Service Radio and two lovely ladies from Paul Wharton Style, my niece Anasia, a senior at the University of Maryland and my fabulous intern Sydney Jackson. We look back at special moments with Amanda Seales, Vivica Fox, Jenifer Lewis, Michael Eric Dyson, My Mom and so much more! Enjoy the final episode of season 1!

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    The Paulitics of Being a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

    Paulitics Podcast Episode 15 was our first live studio audience show focused on Lifestyle Entrepreneurs. Publicist BJ Coleman flew in from LA to join Paul and Stacey at the Capital One Cafe in Chinatown for the big event. If you’re getting your creative hustle on, this podcast is for you!

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